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Bradley S
Equality, AL
May 22, 2020

Roof leak caused water and mold to be present in 4 rooms of home/structure. Materials such as flooring, drywall, framing were dried out and also treated for mold.

John W
Deatsville, AL
May 19, 2020

Repair Project Manager was able to rebuild/repair home. Drywall work, painting, flooring, etc was completed at home. Customer's home was returned back to its original state

Ryan M
Wetumpka, AL
May 15, 2020

Protek technicians responded to fire by cleaning/restoring all structure (flooring, walls, ceilings, etc) and contents, such as rugs that were affected. Masonry/brick on outside of home had to be cleaned as well. Home was deodorized/reodorized upon completion of cleaning

Carmen N
Montgomery, AL
May 14, 2020

Protek responded to the flooded/wet home promptly. Technicians were able to dry structure/materials such as slab/concrete, framing, etc. In order to dry these, air movers/fans and a dehumidifier were used. What could not be dried in place had to be torn/ripped out.

Gary B
Thorsby, AL
May 14, 2020

Protek completed water mitigation (dried out all materials in the home using equipment such as air movers/fans and dehumidifiers) and mold remediation (cutting/tearing out material containing mold growth.)

Booker D
Montgomery, AL
May 8, 2020

We were able to dry structure down to IICRC standards by using equipment such as fans/air movers and a dehumidifier. After structure was dry, we also completed rebuild/repairs. Repairs consisted of fencing, roofing, drywall, paint, etc

Edwin W
Montgomery, AL
May 2, 2020

Protek was able to successfully do the rebuild/repair on roof, as well as inside the home/dwelling. Interior of home sustained water damage to drywall and paint due to roof leak. Protek tore out/replaced drywall, repaired roof, and completed necessary painting of home

Marcee M
Prattville, AL
April 30, 2020

Home was cleaned of all soot/smoke. Contents and structure (carpet/flooring, walls, ceiling, etc.) were cleaned/restored to original state. Smoke odor was also eliminated using deodorization/reodorization

Deborah V
Dadeville, AL
April 27, 2020

Protek completed water mitigation of home/structure. However, contents were still wet. Protek was also able to pack up customer's belongings, transport them to our cleaning/restoration facility, and restore them back to original condition

Angie H
Alexander City, AL
April 24, 2020

Home had to be tarped first and foremost to ensure no additional damage was done. Home also had to be dried out using equipment such as fans/air movers and dehumidifiers. This equipment dried down materials such as baseboard, slab, drywall, etc. Contents such as a bed, mattress, box spring, and other items/personal belongings were also affected/saturated. We were able to save/dry out/salvage said contents

Natalie C
Montgomery, AL
April 3, 2020

Protek was able to assist the homeowner. Technicians tore out wet flooring and wet drywall in order to get to/access the stud walls. This access was needed to be sure home/structure was dried. All moisture and water was dried out using equipment such as air movers (fans) and a dehumidifier

Amy S.
Montgomery, AL
April 3, 2020

Project Manager was able to oversee this job from start to finish. We completed roofing, content manipulation (moving of furniture,) general demolition, drywall, and painting. Home was able to be rebuilt/restored back to original state/condition.

John M.
Pike Road, AL
April 2, 2020

Our Project Manager was able to assist/help customer in repairing/rebuilding his home. Protek was able to quickly restore home back to original condition. In order to do this, we had to seal, paint, cover furniture, and also do roof work related to shingles and siding. Customer was pleased with rebuild services provided to him by Protek.

David S
Montgomery, AL
March 23, 2020

Protek completed repairs/rebuild on home which consisted of having furniture/contents moved out of home to access flooring and walls. Once furniture was packed out/moved, painting, flooring, and drywall work was completed. Home was restored back to original condition.

Ginger S
Dadeville, AL
March 23, 2020

Our water mitigation project manager was able to immediately inspect/look at damage. Flooring, drywall, and trim/baseboard was removed in order to dry wood framing/wet material. Equipment such as air movers (fans) and a dehumidifier was set to dry out all remaining water. Protek was also able to complete the repairs/rebuild on this home. This consisted of painting, additional floor removal, floor replacement, and drywall replacement.

Helen H
Wetumpka, AL
March 19, 2020

Technicians were able to tear out flooring, baseboard/trim, and drywall in order to dry the wet materials. All flooring, trim, and drywall that was not ripped/torn out was dried in place by equipment (fans/air movers and dehumidifiers.)

Janice T
Eclectic, AL
March 13, 2020

Our Project Manager was able to handle the job from start to finish. Flooring, roofing, framing, drywall, trim, paint, and many other trades were completed at this home. Although home suffered a major fire loss, home was able to be fully restored.

Bernard R.
Georgiana, AL
March 12, 2020

Technicians arrived onsite the same day customer called in. Flooring was wet due to fire being put out by hose. Laminate flooring was removed. Drywall, ceilings, remaining flooring, base, trim, chair-rail, etc was cleaned. Contents were also cleaned/restored.

Paul D
Thorsby, AL
February 25, 2020

Our technicians inspected home and noticed the master bedroom was the only affected room. Carpeted flooring was removed due to delamination. Air movers (fans) were set to dry concrete foundation/slab. Drywall was also dried. Dehumidifier was set to remove moisture from the air

Victoria A
Calera, AL
February 25, 2020

Our project manager was able to assist customer, even with customer being out of town throughout rebuild/repair process. After home had been dried from water damage, we were able to send technicians/crews in home to complete the build back, consisting of painting walls (drywall,) tearing out and re-installing flooring, re-installing trim, and more.

Walter W
Prattville, AL
February 22, 2020

Our project manager and technicians arrived at flooded home promptly, and began to tear out wet flooring and saturated drywall. After tear out, equipment (such as fans/air movers and a dehumidifier) was set to dry the house/structure.

Lisa O
Wetumpka, AL
February 20, 2020

Protek was able to extract water from carpet and tile flooring and set equipment to ensure the home was dry. Equipment, such as air movers and dehumidifiers were set throughout home.

Albert L
Montgomery, AL
February 17, 2020

Our estimator showed up onsite to build a free estimate. Once estimate was written, it was sent to, and approved by, insurance company. Our project manager then took over, and successfully managed the job from start to finish. New flooring was put in, painting was completed, and carpet was cleaned.

Ferg A.
Alexander City, AL
February 11, 2020

We arrived onsite and began to tear out wet walls/ceiling. Drywall had to be cut out, as well as insulation. Technicians ensured attic was dry. Air movers (fans) and a dehumidifier were set to ensure dry down of water-damaged home.

John G
Wetumpka, AL
February 10, 2020

Our fire and water technicians went onsite to look at/inspect damage. It was determined all contents/personal property/items in home would need to be cleaned. The entire structure would need to be cleaned as well, consisting of ducts, vents, ceiling, walls, floor, etc. In addition to cleaning soot, water putting out the fire also caused water damage to floor and drywall. We set equipment to dry walls and floor. Carpet had to be torn out. Dehumidifier and fans dried the remaining dwelling.

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