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Job completed for Ryan M

Completion date: May 15, 2020

Customer type: Residential

Location: Wetumpka, AL

Why did the customer contact us?

Unknown cause of loss to this home. Suspected lightning strike started a fire outside of home damaging exterior and interior of house

Solutions provided:

Protek technicians responded to fire by cleaning/restoring all structure (flooring, walls, ceilings, etc) and contents, such as rugs that were affected. Masonry/brick on outside of home had to be cleaned as well. Home was deodorized/reodorized upon completion of cleaning

Team members on this project:

Jody Lankford,

Photos & Videos:

smoke damage on carpet

smoke damage on carpet

fire damage to fence/exterior

fire damage to fence/exterior

fire damage to brick/exterior

fire damage to brick/exterior


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