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Smoke Damage Restoration in Montgomery, Alabama

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Montgomery

Fires cause almost $7 billion in direct property damage each year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). In addition to property damages, fires disrupt day-to-day life and impact the psychological health of those affected. Once the flames are extinguished, the difficult task of restoration begins.

However, Protek Restoration makes it easier for fire victims in Montgomery, Alabama to rebuild their properties by helping them through every step of the fire damage restoration process. Our IICRC-certified technicians also are experts in water damage restorationmold remediationcontent restorationasbestos abatement and more.

Protek is based in Montgomery, Alabama and is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are a member of the Montgomery, AL Chamber of Commerce as well as the Prattville, AL Chamber of Commerce. We can also work directly with insurance companies while assisting clients in the claims process. Over the years, we have helped residential and commercial clients such as schools, hotels, churches, and retail locations.

Smoke & Soot Restoration by Protek Restoration in Montgomery, AL

Once the fire has been suppressed, you should contact Protek Restoration ASAP. Our services include:

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Fire Damage Remediation and Inspection - Oftentimes after a fire, a portion of a property will be charred while the rest of the property will be blackened by smoke and soot. We can assess which parts of the property can be restored and which parts will require rebuilding. We will work immediately to evaluate the extent of the damage and coordinate with your insurance provider.

Smoke & Soot Restoration Services - Smoke and smoke residue can weaken your property’s structure, damage your property’s contents, and negatively impact the air quality inside your property. Protek’s technicians are certified by IICRC and can handle all types of smoke damage such as wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke, and fuel oil smoke.

Duct System Smoke Removal - Smoke can get into your duct system and compromise the air quality inside your property. Protek technicians use state of the art equipment and specialized chemicals for removing smoke and soot odors that are embedded in your property’s duct system. We guarantee a thorough cleanup of the entire duct system including each duct, blower coils, and drain pans. We also repair and seal your duct system to improve insulation.

Fire Insurance Claim Assistance - Dealing with fire damage creates stress and pulls a property owner in multiple directions. Protek offers assistance in filing your insurance claim to help you expedite the process.

Trust Protek for Duct System Smoke Removal & Restoration in Montgomery 

Fire suppression uses large amounts of water. A property damaged by fire will inevitably also sustain water damage. Protek also offers water damage restoration services and content restoration services. When you need our help, contact us or 334-366-9969

Protek Works With These and Other Insurance Companies

We work directly with your insurance company to help you restore your home or business as easily and efficiently as possible.

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