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Stop Hot Water Leak

Stop Hot Water Leak

How to Stop a Water Heater Leak in Montgomery, AL

Water Heater Leak

Even though hot water heaters are usually located in areas such as garages, basements and utility rooms where a bit of water on the floor might not do much damage, a leak in this hard-working appliance is frequently an early warning sign of more serious issues for customers in Loachapoka, MathewsWetumpka, and other cities within our Greater Montgomery AL service area.

Protek Restoration realizes that plumbing leaks demand prompt attention, and the problem is especially urgent when it's the water you pay to heat. Some usual leaks with water heater and the quickest solutions are:

  • TPR Valve

    The TPR is a brass valve found close to the top of the water heater, with a discharge pipe that normally runs down to a safe location a few inches off the floor. This vital device releases water when the temperature or pressure inside the tank exceeds safe design tolerances.

    Replacing a leaky TPR valve is a relatively easy task, but call a plumber if the valve is regularly discharging blasts of hot water, or if the new valve leaks just like the old one.

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  • Inlet and Outlet

    The source of a hot water heater's leak may also occur at the tank inlet or outlet. Because the tank connections are made of steel and the pipes connected to them are frequently copper- galvanic corrosion can take place, slowly eroding the steel and causing water to seep out of the connections.

    The cure is to replace the short sections of corroded galvanized pipe with sections lined in plastic, often called dielectric nipples.

  • Drain

    After draining a few gallons of water from the hot water heater to clear the tank of sediment, the tank drain valve may no longer close properly, allowing a steady trickle to flow out of the spout. Usually, either the washer in the valve has corroded and no longer forms a seal, or gunk is blocking the valve and causing it to stay partially open.

    Another blast of water might stop the leak, but if it doesn't you need a new valve; before replacing, turn the heater off and let the water cool first.

  • The Tank

    Water running from the seams of the metal jacket or damp insulation around the burner or heating element inspection door are signs of a leaking tank. Replacement is the best cure in this case.

Contact Protek for Stopping Your Water Heater Leak in Alabama

Most water heaters have at least one anode rod threaded into the top of the tank to control corrosion, and leakage can occur around the threads. All these types of water heater leaks can be treated in different ways; however, the touch of an expert must not be ignored. When you need our help, call Protek Restoration at 334-366-9969 or contact us online. Our security professionals are available 24/7/365 to serve customers in Alex CityBooth, Montgomery, and throughout our Alabama service area. We will stop any leak or install any device you need.

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