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Washing Machine Leak Repair in Montgomery Alabama

Washing Machine Leak Repair

It takes just a tiny leak in the washing machine water supply line to turn your sweet home into a full-fledged flood zone. Water damage is a major and common problem in every household and washing machine overflow and connection failures are some of the main causes of it. The damages are both long and short term and can range from flooding, water damages, molds, etc. affecting not only yours but the surrounding areas in your residential or commercial property too.

Washing Machine Leakage Solutions


Small precautions and timely primitive actions can save your home from a big washing machine leakage/ disaster:

  • If you turn on water supply line make sure appliances are in place and the connections are turned off. This can prevent major flooding incidences.
  • If you're moving or will be away from your home for an extended period of time, make sure the water is turned off.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of washing machine is important to ensure all parts are functioning properly.
  • Immediately contact expert technicians from trusted local water damage Restoration Company at the first sign of a water leak or flooding from your washing machine to repair it from further damage.

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Washing Machine Maintenance & Leak Tips:

a Washing Machine

Machine Operating Unattended

Turn off Water Valves

to ensure all parts are functioning correctly

replace the supply lines

Warning Signs:

Blistered Hoses

Blistered Hoses

Worn Tubing

Worn Tubing

Loose Fittings

Loose Fittings

PROTEK- Your Locally trusted top-notch Water Damage Restoration Company

PROTEK Restoration is one of the most reputed water damage restoration service providers in Montgomery, Alabama and its surrounding communities. As soon as you will contact us we will dispatch a technician to your home or office immediately.

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If you have washing machine leak or washing machine flooding, call PROTEK Restoration for service in Montgomery, Alabama Service Area. We are standing by to take your call.

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We work directly with your insurance company to help you restore your home or business as easily and efficiently as possible.

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